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Bom Bom Island Principe

Enjoy an Exclusive Stay at the Bom Bom Island Principe This Year

Bom Bom Island Principe is a gorgeous destination island, and one of the locations that is a part of See Wild Travels Ltd safari vacation packages. Nestled off the coast of gorgeous Gabon, Bom Bom Island Principe is a fun and scenic locale that offers both adventure and relaxation at the same time.     

For another completely unique experience, visit the shores of Gabon for See Wild Travel's surfing hippos Gabon. This completely majestic region offers jungle, savanna, and beach access completely unique to Gabon. Go from whale watching and bird-watching off the coast to enjoying the roving Gabon safari beach elephants as they traipse from jungle to beach and back again. 

The surfing hippos in Gabon is part of the unique safari and surfing tourism scene that Gabon has developed over the years, and it is absolutely something you will want to see if you are planning a trip to Gabon. This is where See Wild Travels Ltd comes in, because our unique and comprehensive safari packages will take you on a magical journey that you will never forget. If you want to go surfing on some world-renowned beaches in Gabon, and check out the surfing hippos that have made headlines all over the world, then we can absolutely help get you there for a trip you won't want to miss.

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