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Fly camping Chada Katavi
Extraordinary Phenomena that Cannot be Found Anywhere Else in Africa

Katavi belongs to the beasts of Africa, it always has. As if they were all created here in this remote place. This is the promise of Katavi - total absorption in the natural world and virtually no one else around.


Katavi really is one of the final frontiers. Little has changed since people first arrived here all those years ago. This is a true wilderness which is all about enjoying being out on safari without the crowds, in fact often without any company at all. Chada is only open for six months of the year (June - November) and we think everyone should be clambering over themselves to get here - it really is worth it.

Chada Camp Katavi National Park Tanzania
Chada Katavi Camp
One of the Beasts of Africa 

Deep in the heart of Katavi National Park, in remote Western Tanzania, Chada camp sits under a shady canopy of acacia and tamarind trees overlooking the wide Chada Plain and is a hub of wildlife activity, particularly elephants in the dry season.

Chada sits on the edge of the Chada plain, under a verdant grove of tamarind trees. Chada is a camp with an age limit of 12. The reason there is this higher age limit is because it really is wild out here. Towards the end of the dry season elephants are in camp most days, and it is not uncommon to have lions wander through. Nothing alarming, and safety is always priority, but this has always been the safari for the matured.

Fine Expeditionary Outpost

A classic expeditionary outpost with just six spacious safari tents with large shade net windows to let in lots of light and cool breezes. En-suite bathrooms with traditional safari style bucket showers, and eco- flush toilets. Hot and cold water available on demand.

There is also the option to return to your roots in Katavi and enjoy nothing more than an exciting night out fly camping in the middle of one the wildest parks in Tanzania.

Katavi is known for hundreds of hippo gathering in limited water sources in the dry season, and aestivating crocodiles in river bank caves.

Chada Camp Lounge Katavi National Park Tanzania
Crocodiles Katavi National Park Tanzania
Unbelievable Game
Battle of the Hippos & Crocs

Towards the end of the dry season water is a very scarce resource in Katavi.

Hippos and crocodiles who rely on water, enter into an intense battle for survival. Hippos in their hundreds cram into the small remaining waterholes which in inevitably results in a serious scrap or two.

Crocodiles dig themselves large caves in the exposed river banks and aestivate throughout the hot dry months - did you know that they bring their heart rate down to one beat a minute?

Katavi is full of extraordinary phenomena that cannot be found anywhere else in Africa.

Unbelievable game, with vast herds of buffalo roaming the plains; also elephant, lion, leopard, crocodiles and hippo and rare antelope like sable and roan.

Epic Classics

Epic walking safaris, game drives in open 4WD vehicles, night drives, fly camping under the stars, outstanding birding and big mammal safaris.

June is green and lush after the long rains, and this is one of the best times of the year to visit. July to October starts to dry out, the rivers and pools are drying up concentrating the game in certain areas which makes for amazing sightings, particularly of the famous phenomenons surrounding hippo and crocodiles in Katavi. The daily temperatures get hotter in the dryer months.

Game Drive 4WD Katavi National Park Tanzania
Flycamping Bushfire Chada Katavi Tanzania
Ultimate Freedom

One of the best things about Katavi is the freedom all this wild space affords its visitors. For clients that want to truly live and breathe Africa and get as close to nature as possible, flycamping is the ultimate experience.

Guests can get out on foot from camp in the late afternoon and arrive into their little fly camp to the sight of a camp fire and drinks on ice. After a delicious three course dinner served under the stars, they simply retire to their fly tent and drift off to sleep on a comfy bedroll with the sounds of the bush lullaby.

Ultimate Combo 
Free Flights to Greystoke

Katavi combines with NomadTanzania's other western camp Greystoke Mahale. There is a shared charter from Arusha twice a week on a Monday and a Thursday that stops in Katavi before continuing on to Mahale. The flight between Katavi and Mahale is completely free, so guests enjoying both western camps pay absolutely nothing additional for their stop in Katavi. This is the ultimate week in Tanzania, remote, wild and undiscovered.

Greystoke Mahale Tanzania Chimp Trekking Camp
Bloat of Hippos Chada Katavi Tanzania


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