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Greystoke Mahale Lodge Tanzania
Remote Wilderness at the Edge of the World

Greystoke Mahale has won the Best Location in Africa award at the Safari Awards for 2017, and that couldn’t be more accurate.

Greystoke sits deep within the Mahale Mountains National Park, on the edge of the second deepest lake in the world - Lake Tanganyika.

Nestled between the gin-clear water of the lake, and the tumbling forests sits an extraordinary castaway lodge.

There are absolutely no roads here, and virtually no other people and that is what being in Mahale is all about.

This really is the edge of the world and the ultimate in remote wilderness.

Greystoke Mahale Lodge Tanzania
Greystoke Mahale
Iconic Castaway Lodge

This iconic camp run by NomadTanzania is strung along the Kangwena Beach on the edge of Lake Tanganyika in the Mahale Mountains National Park, with the forested peaks rising dramatically behind camp.


This is as remote as you can get in Western Tanzania.


The ultimate chimpanzee experience from Africa’s most iconic castaway lodge.

With glorious exclusivity thanks to just six open fronted double bandas guaranteeing the camp has a family feel with no more than a handful of tourists at any one time. The bandas are set the edge of the forest and base of the mountains, looking out over the beach and lake. 

Eco-Friendly and Sumptuous

Built using reclaimed dhows from the lake shore, each Banda has its own unique character and outlook with a mezzanine top floor level & en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water and flush loos.

Spacious octagonal tents of canvas and secure mosquito netting, topped in thatch, not only allows for constant air-flow, but also enables guests to gaze upon the animals as they saunter past. 
Observe the wildlife from the comfort of your luxurious hide-away, perhaps whilst reclining on the majestic king-sized bed under the overhead fan, or from the open-air stargazer, solar-heated showers which adjoin the en suite bathrooms.

All rooms overlook the lake, have a private veranda, outside shower, and private butler!

Banda Bedroom Greystoke Mahala, Tanzania
Expert Chimpanzee Guides at Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania
Specialist Guides
Life-Long Chimp Experts

The main reason for making the journey down to Mahale is of course to see the chimpanzees. Mahale is home to one of the largest populations of wild chimps and Greystoke has access to a habituated community known as the M Group. A team of Japanese

researchers have worked in these mountains studying the chimps for over 50 years, and

Greystoke guides and their families have played a part in their work for decades. All camp

guides have had a member of their family involved with the chimps since they were young,

and they gladly followed in their footsteps. There is nothing the guides don’t know about

the characters, politics and intricacies of this fascinating community and they bring it to life with an extraordinary passion. There is no one else you should meet these chimps with - take our word for it.

Flora & Fauna
A Plethora to be marvelled

Although the chimps are the main event the forests of Mahale are teeming with a variety

of other primates. Camp is often visited by colobus monkeys and baboons, and we also

play host to warthogs and the rare blue duiker, not to mention incredible forest flora and

bird life.

Forest View Bathroom Greystoke Mahale, Tanzania
Lake Tanganyika Greystoke Mahale Tanzania
Oh, and that Lake!
Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is the second deepest lake in the world and the water is clear in a way

that is impossible to adequately describe. We love nothing more than heading out on one

of our iconic dhows for a spot of deep water swimming and wildlife spotting from the water.

We also have kayaks in camp which is a fantastic way to while away a couple of hours.

Ultimate Combo 
Free Flights to Katavi

Greystoke combines with NomadTanzania's other western camp Chada Katavi, and operate a shared charter from Arusha twice a week on a Monday and a Thursday that stops in Katavi before continuing on to Mahale. The flight between Katavi and Mahale is completely free, so guests enjoying both western camps pay absolutely nothing additional for their

stop in Katavi. This is the ultimate week in Tanzania, remote, wild and undiscovered.

Chada Katavi Safari Dinner Tanzania
Relaxed Chimpanzee Greystoke Mahale Tanzania


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