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Loango Gorillas

Trek With Loango Gorillas from our Gabon Wildlife Camps

Loango National Park offers more variety than almost any other park in Africa. Nestled on the western coast of Gabon, the our tours include safaris, whale watching, gorilla trekking, bird watching, and so much more. Loango is home to the beautiful western lowland gorillas, affording you a unique opportunity to visit and see the Loango gorillas in their natural habitat. These habituated gorillas live in small social groups that travel throughout the area each day feeding and resting. Our gorilla treks take place in small groups of 4 people per day in order to protect this critically endangered species. On our tour of the Loango gorillas, you can expect to have a truly exclusive experience unlike any other. Prepare for long-distance hiking through the jungle, muddy trails, stream crossings, and rainy days. The best time to visit the gorillas is during the rainy season when they travel shorter distances each day. We never know where or when we will spot these beautiful creatures, so patience and a sense of adventure is key to your experience with the Loango gorillas!
Another unique feature of our tours in Gabon include private Gabon wildlife camps that take you even closer to the nature that surrounds our region. These exclusive camps include private tents where you can enjoy a shower under the stars, dream amidst the sounds of the jungle or the ocean waves, and watch the beauty of Gabon pass by your tent each morning as you drink your coffee. Our two Gabon wildlife camps include the Louri River Camp, where you can enjoy one of five fully furnished tents, kayaking on the Louri river, forest hikes, or even explore the beaches for nesting turtles. Our other Gabon wildlife camp is the Akaka Jungle Camp. This camp features jungle hikes and boat safaris where you will see everything from elephants and apes to buffalos and duikers, and everything in between.

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