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Lopé Park Mandrills

Explore Lopé Park Mandrills and Loango Park Gorillas

Lopé Park Mandrills are a popular experience in Gabon, trekking through the beautiful and lush Lopé Park to catch a glimpse of the mandrills. Another experience unique to Gabon, and even more exclusive than exploring the Lopé Park Mandrills is visiting the Loango Park gorillas. These western lowland gorillas are an endangered species, and every private trek helps preserve and protect their kind. See Wild Travels seeks to provide exclusive experiences with the incredible wildlife of Africa, including the Loango gorillas. Whether you visit the Lopé Park Mandrills, Loango gorillas, or both, you are sure to enjoy the stunning beauty of both national parks the wildlife within. The safari, jungle, and beach tours of Loango provided by See Wild Travels include an opportunity to view elephants, buffalo, nesting turtles, and so much more. Visit us today to learn more about our exclusive tours and safaris.

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