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Rubondo Island Chimpanzee Camp, Lake Victoria Tanzania
Forested Island Chimpanzee Camp in Lake Victoria

Rubondo Island Camp overlooks the vast waters of Lake Victoria. As the only camp in the wild and virtually uninhabited Rubondo Island National Park, it is a truly special place to experience. 

The pristine Rubondo Island is 75 percent forest, which guests can explore on drives and walks while learning about the animals and plants that make up this extraordinary protected ecosystem, including elephants, giraffes, hippos and shy sitatunga antelopes.

Guests can spend time with the chimpanzees as part of a habituation project on the island.

The deep waters of Lake Victoria also offer spectacular fishing for Nile perch of record-breaking size.

Perfect add-on place to relax at the end of a safari itinerary.

Rubondo Island Chimpanzee Camp Tanzania
Rubondo Chimp Camp
Completely Exclusive

Rubondo Chimp Camp is the only camp on Rubondo Island National Park in Tanzania, meaning guests have complete exclusivity.

Unique opportunity to be part of a pioneering chimpanzee habituation experience with a group of chimpanzees of whom some were wild-born on the island and the rest are the parents who were released onto the island  from captivity in the late 1960's!

A one-of-a-kind island experience in pristine subtropical forest
A birder’s paradise with many endemic birds
Fish for the iconic Nile perch on a catch-and-release basis.

Fly to the island from Arusha at the end of a bush safari itinerary for more adventures plus some relaxation before heading home.

Luxury Chic

Rubondo Island Chimp Camp boasts 8 permanent lakeside cottages, including 1 family cottage. All with chic, clean, & stylish decor, and private verandas.
All have e
n suite bathroom with double vanity and indoor shower. Twin and double beds are available.

Wi-Fi has variable service - this is a remote African island! Reading and sending emails is usually no problem if you are not able to disappear off the radar. However, streaming and downloading may prove difficult.
Swimming pool for those relaxing moments in between adventures, that is if you don't fancy a dip in the great lake.

Children: 5 years and above are welcome in the camp. For the chimpanzee habituation experience there is an age requirement of at least 16 years.

Cottage Interior Rubondo Island Chimp Camp Tanzania
Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Rubondo Chimp Island Tanzania
Chimp Habituation
Experience the Adventure

A rare opportunity to spend time with the team habituating Rubondo Island’s chimpanzees.

Venture into the forest after an early breakfast to join the trekking team. Track the chimpanzees with the habituation team in the hope of seeing them during a restful phase. This is typically a full day of active walking and the chimps often move at a fast pace..

From 1966 - 1969 the Frankfurt Zoological
Society released 16 chimpanzees onto Rubondo Island. The chimpanzees were wild-born and purportedly of West African descent. Rescued from
various European Zoos and circuses, the chimpanzees had spent varying periods, from 3.5 months to 9 years, in captivity. They have now reverted to an un-habituated state characteristic of wild secretive chimpanzees. The population has now grown to around 35 individuals.

Your participation supports the crucial work involved in habituating chimpanzee and ensuring their survival.

Explore Wildlife
A Fascinating Island History

Rubondo Island became a game reserve in 1965, to provide a sanctuary for animals. A year later it was a pioneer for ape reintroductions when it was the setting for the first ever attempt to rehabilitate captive chimpanzees.

In addition to chimpanzees, seven other species were introduced to the island: Roan antelope and rhinoceros, Suni antelope, elephant, giraffe and black-and-white colobus monkeys.

In 1977 Rubondo was declared a National Park and it is Africa’s largest island national park.

The camp on 1st June 2013. All rooms were built using local materials with minimum environmental impact using local techniques and labour.

Rubondo Chimp Island Wildlife Sanctuary Tanzania
Freshwater Fishing Rubondo Chimp Island Tanzania
Freshwater Fishing
 One of East Africa's Finest

Rubondo protects precious fish breeding grounds and is home to some of the world’s largest Nile Perch and Tilapia.

Rubondo Island Camp has been involved with sport fishing for many years and still currently holds several International Game Fish Association world records.

It is not unsual to catch and release several fish in the 100 lbs range. Nile Perch can be caught on fly and other new age techniques including drop shot and buck tails jigs.

The camp has recently launched their own tag and release program and have again affiliated themselves with IGFA - The International Game Fish Association. Rubondo - home to hunting Africa’s fresh water giants.

Chimpanzee Rubondo Forest Island Tanzania


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