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Wildlife in South Luangwa National Park

Countless wildlife and bird species can be found in South Luangwa National Park.South Luangwa landscape - flora -  In South Luangwa National Park, you immediately understand why this is such a great place to see a lot of wildlife in a relatively small area. While much of the park is covered with thick bush, there is little  permanent water in these areas. So, where does wildlife go? It gathers around the Luangwa River. On the fertile banks of the river, elephant herds and other herbivores feast on juicy green leaves. Rich soil, tall green trees, elephants, birds and other wildlife: the result is a stunningly beautiful rich landscape, a true utopia for anybody seeking pure Africa.

So what kind of wildlife inhabits this lush green landscape? Well, all the big species you would expect to see during a safari trip, except for the rhino.

Mammals and predators - There is a strong, diverse population of big game in the Luangwa River valley and surrounding areas. Elephant and Cape buffalo sightings are common  as they like to swim between the mosaic of islands on the river. A delightful variety of antelope can be found grazing throughout the park, along with the startling patterns of Crawshay’s zebra. Vervet monkeys and baboons have made their homes in various parts of the park, and can be heard calling to each other in the canopy of trees. Lions, spotted hyenas, Wild Dogs are regulars in Luangwa, where guests often report that they see these colourful dogs in true packs, not a common sighting across the rest of Africa. Leopards are the main predators in the areas. Leopards feel especially at home in this area because of the many large trees, in which this slightly elusive cat likes to hide. And don’t forget the Thornicroft’s giraffes and Cookson’s wildebeest, which are found only in this region.

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