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 Classic Forest & Savanna Explorations | Indian Ocean Adventures

   Explore at Your Own Pace | Exclusivity | Away from Tourist Crowds  

Create your own itineraries – whether you do chimpanzee trekking, safari game drives, forest walks, savanna game walks, boat cruises on the rivers & lakes, or beach & ocean adventures on Fanjove Island.

Greystoke Mahale is long renowned for its outstanding chimpanzee trekking experiences which demand respect for the chimps at all times. Mask wearing is imperative and the guides proudly find guests the best viewing spots for a glimpse into the world of these highly intelligent and social apes, without interrupting their daily chimp antics.

An alternative & unique chimp experience is on offer on Rubondo island where you can accompany the habituation team on the daily chimp follows in the forest. The chimps are not yet fully habituated so viewings are not guaranteed but, it is nevertheless an exciting forest adventure and chance to learn how an ape habituation process works. Along with the islands fascinating history.

Chada Katavi holds some of the largest concentrations of large mammals in the world. Being there, plonked in the middle of one of the final frontiers, you can explore on foot or from the comfort of a 4WD Land Rover. 

Siwandu is perfectly situated within the prime game area to fully experience the abundant wildlife of Nyerere, within Selous Game Reserve, and it is the only place in East Africa where you can experience water game activities – fishing, boat cruises.

Jongomero Ruaha offers superb private wilderness experiences, game drives and walking safaris uninterrupted by other tourists.

With an incredible marine experience and abundant water activities Fanjove Island has something for even the most active traveller... or simply relax. The selection of activities includes a spa, snorkelling, diving, bird watching, dhow sailing, walks, fishing, and swimming with dolphins

Chimpanzee trekking greystole Mahale tanzania

Greystoke Chimp Treks
With Legendary Guides

Throughout the year the movement and location of the chimps in Mahale vary according to where they can find food. Chimpanzees are naturally gregarious, so when food sources are abundant, they’ll gather in large groups frequently calling to each other and making a lot of noise. When food resources are lower, they tend to split up into small groups and can be harder to find as they spread further afield, and are generally less vocal. So, their proximity to camp and the ease of getting to them is to some degree dictated by the seasons, and the knock-on effect on the forest larder. 

Rubondo Chimpanzee Camp Island Tanzania Chimp

Chimp Habituation 

Experience at Rubondo Island

With the help of the Honeyguide Foundation — a key organisation working to involve local community members and training them as guides and trackers — habituation of the released chimps on Rubondo island has been successful, enabling researchers to study and get closer to them. Studying and understanding these chimpanzees is important for the future of other chimpanzees that might need to be rescued and reintroduced into the wild.

Experience the project first-hand with the guided trek into the pristine sub-tropical forest to track the primates. Chimpanzees are renowned for not sitting still, so guests should come prepared with a spirit of adventure and a good level of fitness. Chimp sightings are not guaranteed, however visiting during the dry season from July through October offers guests the best chance.

Game Drives Ruaha Nyerere Tanzania

Game Drives
Comfortable 4x4 Safaris

Accompanied by expert driver guides, travel in comfort in 4WD open-sided vehicles and venture to explore the rich African wildlife.

Game drives in Nyerere, Ruaha, and Kitavi are unique and cater for the safari connoisseur.

Enjoy tales of wildife encounters that expert guides will share with you.

Selous has more than half of Tanzania’s elephant population, over 40,000 hippos and the largest population of lion on the continent, awaiting for you to discover. 

Close game viewing from Siwandu Nyerere Tanzania

Boat Safaris

Cruise at leisure

If a leisurely boat cruise is more your thing then, in Nyerere you can take to the water and unwind your way along the Rufiji River tributaries; venture close and see the animals from a different perspective while you learn more about the fascinating life of waterbirds and the impressive population of hippos and crocodiles​

In Mahale you can explore Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest lake in the world where the water is clear in a way that is impossible to adequately describe.  Head out in an iconic dhow for a spot of deep water swimming and wildlife spotting from the water. Or while away a couple of hours with one of the camp's kayaks.

Siwandu Walking Safari Nyerere Tanzania

Epic Game Walks
Track & Learn

Walking is a wonderful way to get close to nature and to learn about some of the smaller species and ecosystems in the reserve as well as the flora and fauna 
Out of the vehicle and being on foot is a humbling experience in this vast, untouched land.  The walks are not intended to find big game (although this is often inevitable), instead it offers guests an education into the lives of the smaller animals as well as the birdlife, insects, flora and fauna.  

In Katavi, the wide open spaces of the Chada flood plains with extra wide angle visibility make for a unique brand of rambling. At times you can feel impossibly insignificant against backdrops of golden grass, distant herds of buffalo and piercing blue skies. Redefining the meaning of a walk in the park.

In Nyerere & Ruaha, the walking season begins mid to end of June until the beginning of the rains in November or early December. The exact start date is finalised between the camp and TANAPA and is dependant on the bush conditions and visibility

The walk is slow-paced, stopping under shade to hear interesting things from your knowledgeable guide. 

Game walks are probably the most fascinating way to truly experience the wonders of Tanzania. 

Children's Walks at Siwandu Nyerere Tanzania

Nyerere Children's Walk

Fact-Filled Fun

For guests younger than 16 staying in Siwandu Nyerere, who cannot take part in the main walking safaris, there is the option for a fun, fact-filled children's walk around the camp's footprint.

Tanzania Fanjove Island Diving SongoSongo Archipelago

Marine Adventures

Exclusivity on Fanjove

​​All within the idyllic location of Fanjove's

private beach retreat with plenty of options for exploring the rich marine life.

A highlight for any trip to Fanjove is to venture out on a dolphin/whale excursion.

Snorkelling can be done right
off the main beach meaning that natural and exotic marine life that inhabit the crystal clear waters and shores of Fanjove is only ever a few steps away. 

Enjoy a sunset trip on a dhow sailing boat that will provide you with beautiful views of the island as the sun goes down.

Scuba Dive among the 11kms of coral reefs around the island with PADI trained staff.



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